Missing Mongrel Mob now a real hagiography

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  • You can't help wonder what they reflected on as death was approaching. How senseless their life course had been? What they would've done differently? What they would change if they were rescued at the last minute? Quite sobering really. We've probably all been in situations where we have bitten off more than we could chew or been caught out by circumstance, but having the skillset, equipment and experience to make the right decisions makes ALL the difference. Without those, being stuck in the bush would be a lonely frightening death
  • @stride your comments made me think Hypothermia is a strange beast, and as it advances the thought processes become confused. Logical thinking goes out the window. Actions are irrational. In the advanced stages thinking in any shape or form is non existent. So initially they were lost, possibly frightened that they might not be found and confused because they knew they were lost. It seems evident that they divested their clothes, that is possibly the point at which hypothermia got to them and thinking went awol. It is sad to think that at that stage they may have given no thought to anything or anyone. A very disturbing and cold comfort to those left behind. I have often wondered what went through my younger brothers mind as he succumbed far too early in life almost 30 years ago. I have found no comfort in those thoughts.
  • Yeah I have to agree with @TararuaHunter and @Matthew here.
  • One of them sounded like a nice kid, his sister met us & thanked us all for helping search. Regardless of what the other had been up too in his life they didn't deserve that end. I spent 3 miserable days in that horrible bush looking for them & don't regret any of it. Lucky we're just search & rescue because if we were search, judge & rescue I'd be leaving a lot of people out there.
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