Mt Somers track

  • Would anyone have any idea if there is much snow on the Mt Somers track at present? We'll only be doing the North facing side.
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  • There was 30cm ish at Pinnacles Hut after the last snowfall a couple of weeks ago but NW in the last few days has caused quite a thaw.I`d be happy to go between Pinnacles Hut & WoolshedCreek Hut at present.I`d probably carry my little instep crampons in case of a freeze or an ice-axe.I don`t know your fitness or experience but if you tip up,and have communication of some sort(beacon) then a team from Methven SAR will be on your case.There`s cellphone coverage at Dukes Knob & on the deck at Pinnacles Hut.DOC in Geraldine may be of help.It`s a great area to tramp or spend some time.Just don`t over-extend yourself,especially this time of year..
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