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  • Footprints are a good idea. We have a MSC pack liner cut open which is the perfect dimension for putting under our tent. It weighs 300g but can be used for other things such as a shelter over your heads when you stop for lunch, padding to sit on or to protect your gear when sleeping in a dodgy hut/biv. They need to be slightly smaller than the borders of your fly or the rain will land on the footprint and be transported to underneath the floor of your tent.
  • Thanks bernieq. So then going back to my initial Q, has anyone had any experience with the Luxe tent I posted a link too? I'm liking the light weight and big vestibule but not sure if the shape would stand up to windy nights - any thoughts?
  • tents made for less wet environments have lower water resistant ratings, here in nz , tents designed here are designed for heavy rain with waterlogged ground where you could end up with your tent in a puddle after heavy rain, so they put in more waterproof floors. macpac being a nz company where the design is done here. a tent fly can cope with a lower waterproof rating, its when you put pressure on a material that has water on the other side of it that the water can get forced through the material, ie on the floor where you are sleeping or sitting...
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  • Just an update for people - I spoke to someone at the NZ retailer for the Luxe Hexpeak and he warned me off them. His advice was that they are fine under tree cover but above the bush line they don't have the stability you'd want for a good night so would be at best an emergency shelter.
  • again , buy a tent designed for the area you are going to use it in. i've read about a few people using some overseas designed tents that have had poles break in NZ wind even in summer.. inc MSR tents which are supposed to be a quality design.
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  • One issue with NZ conditions is that for single skin tents (waterproof breathable fabrics) our climate makes this breathability really poor. I guess it's the relative humidity combined with cold temperatures. When the Macpac single skin tent came out, there were disappointing issues with condensation compared with overseas dry continental climates.
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