Mt Fox incident

  • I see a tramper was assisted from Mt Fox recently,wearing sneakers & jeans.Lessons learned here.My concern is that after the tramper raised the alarm on flukey cell phone coverage,a cop was tasked to drive from Ross to help. There`s a very capable SAR team right in the township;often time is of the essence,but wasting time & resources like this doesn`t make any sense.
  • seems they had to be coaxed to walk back out themselves. did they freak out in the snow? someone completely out of their depth
  • Yes more info needed. My best guess is that the SAR team may have been alerted, but if (based on the conversation) they were expecting to find him a short way up the track by the time anyone reached there, it may have made sense for the officer to hop up the track for a check more immediately.
  • The cop from Ross had a 156km/2 hour car trip to get to Fox.Unless there`s more to the story,it doesn`t add up when the local SAR boys are on the spot.
  • The Mount Fox Im thinking of is closer to Ashburton than Ross and even closer to Fairlie. It also has a ski patrol Im confused
  • @geeves: That's Fox Peak near Fairlie.
  • It was the Mt Fox a little south of Fox Glacier. We have a bit about the route on this site.
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