National wants to destroy conservation land

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  • Yes, I noted that too, izogi. It's a short step from 'cleaning up' fallen trees after weather damage to knocking them over. In most ecologies, fallen vegetation forms an important part of the balance. Sure, clean up windfall across a road or a track but removal for processing is a not very thin edge of the wedge.
  • For the record the action plan is readable at
  • Wayno, Back to your first post. Why did you post a green party press release? I thought there was way more to the west coast "package" that that,mostly positive I would have thought but you've sent out a link from a political party. Just curious.
  • its more about what their policies will do to DOC land
  • Yeah but why post a direct link to a political party press release and the header termed in that way.? I hope you're not going to keep doing this all the way into the election. I'm all for freedom of thought but....
  • Here's Stuff's perspective from a few days ago. (More of a summary than an analysis.) There's some interesting stuff in there, but they haven't dropped the Haast Highway idea. I'd probably be more concerned about that one if I thought it were remotely realistic, so I wonder if that's a sign of how much thought has so far gone into everything else.
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  • @geoffnet I'd like to think my contribution to the group is positive , and usually the only feedback i get back is honing in in the negative, i'm not sure why I still bother contributing. we're mature enough to take political releases with a block of salt, but the article still flagged potential issues in the area for DOC land. we can all take our own interpretations from the press release or we can ignore htem, i'm not out to promote political parties ad nauseum or beat a certain drum, it was new policy tht i thought should be aired, i've no intention of rabbiting on about it or promoting it repeatedly. if we value DOC land we need to have some awareness around what govt and council policies are.
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  • The Green Party press release, quoted in the original post, eventually links to the Govt action plan - The pertinent pdf pages are 28, 29, 33 & 40. It's easy to read. :) I concur with Izogi's assessment from 2 days ago, although they're still only advocating cherry picking of high value down trees. The time frame for the Wangapeka Highway report is March to August 2017. Hardly news now ?. And, it's to investigate the pros & cons of the proposal. Check the source. Argue about Party spin on another thread maybe ?. Thanks to the OP for initiating the discussion.
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