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  • One of the club members from the CTC has posted a photo-set from Rabbit Hill overlooking Porters yesterday. Just getting his permission to share. The snowline is still quite low in his photos. Let me know if you want me to upload them for reference.
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  • Here's another set of the same trip:
  • Went up Mt Richardson today and the snow line was around 600-700m. Don't know if this helps you much or is too late to be of use!
  • Ended up in Lake Sumner Forest Park. Snowline was at 700m on front ranges but nearer 1000m on the main divide. Yesterdays fall hasn't changed that much, just replaced some melt. Couldn't find a weather window long enough for planned double crossing of main divide but had a play in a few catchments on east side of the divide with some nice snow crossings of ranges in between. Spent a few nights in bloody cold biv's. Compensated by sitting out the last 2 days storm in the luxury of Hope-Kiwi Palace ... 120m2: 20 bunks, 3 dining tables ...all to myself!
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  • winter does come with some advantages... no te araroa trail walkers....
  • No sandflies there either. It's a beautiful spot when you have it to yourself and aren't dancing the namu haka. They were still rampant at Lake Sumner and in Glen Rae. Don't think I've ever stood in snoe being eaten alive by them before.
  • Ha. Funny. Just when I pull out, say 'that's all we're going to achieve here', and go home: and the forecast of rain through till Thursday becomes 'mostly fine'
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