missing person on mt Taranaki

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  • Thanks. Not the guy I met.
  • You end up on the ambury spur if you don't veer eastward as you descend, per the poled route. I dont think theres a route off that spur, its bluffy country on all three sides. Sadly i've on occasion heard alpine cliff rescue guys say the bottom of those bluffs is the place they look first. As for the razorback, upon descent its not super obvious if you don't know it. My condolences to the family and friends.
  • Thanks. That's helping to suggest a clearer picture of what might have happened.
  • perhaps wanderwild spoke to one of these chaps? Adventurous climber uses snapped ski pole to anchor 300-metre fall on Mt Taranaki https://www.stuff.co.nz/travel/travel-troubles/94358489/adventurous-climber-uses-snapped-ski-pole-to-anchor-300m-fall-on-mt-taranaki
  • "We were all experienced with climbing in ice and snow and we had all the gear but climbing up Mt Taranaki was on another level" What a load of nonsense! Climbing snow and climbing ice are different disciplines. Maybe they had some experience with climbing on icy snow? But ice!...I doubt it! All the gear but no helmets!!!! "It was a horrifying ordeal but I never felt I was out of control." If you're sliding and you've lost your ice axe then you're out of control! Bumblies!
  • I wonder if the stuffed toy lion in the photo was one of the three in the party that made it to the summit. The guy I met could well have been one of that party.....they fit the brief.
  • @strider I did a double take at the "it was a horrifying ordeal but I never felt I was out of control" comment too. I would like to see his definition of "under control"....!
  • I'd suggest it was a mis-quote, but given he works for Stuff that possibility seems less likely. I'd love to see the comments in the moderation queue for that article.
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