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  • Looks to me like it's the time on the reader's PC. That 'in # hours' is not in the page source ('view page source') which just shows the date-time. So it looks as if the 'in # hours'/'# hours ago' is calculated using javascript on the client-side when you read the post. So I see everyone else posting 'in 11 hours' , as I'm on UTC. The timestamp for my posts (that shown in the page source before it gets java-magic'd into 'in 11 hours') is correct current time for NZ, so I guess the actual message timestamp is generated at the server.
  • Duh! I didnt think to look at the page source code - well done, madpom. ... but it begs the question - why are you on UTC?
  • Good detective work! The time descriptions are actually done in the browser. If your timezone is not NZ then they are incorrect. I have a fix for this ready for the next update. Basically, the time comparison just needed to be timezone-aware.
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