self-setting silicone

  • TreatMe deal for a week. Got any favourite cookware needs heat-proof holds ?.
  • can it put the lids back on square tins of meat?
  • Wouldn't go near a tin of Spam, myself, but if you want to add some heat-proof handle covers to your cookware, the offer looks more useful than the plastic dip paint-like stuff you can get from Repco. Just putting it out there. May be of interest to somebody.
  • Picture shows it used in that fashion. The more traditional way would be to bind your mug handles with thin para cord and a simple whipping.
  • There was one style of handle where you could insert a piece of cork in the gap (back in the day...). @geeves, your subtle response in your first post cracked me up!
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Started by Pro-active
On 10 June 2017
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