Southlanders, I have arrived!

  • Ok, so here's the thing; I've made the conscious decision to give up my trip to Nepal (including losing all costs) in order to get all my crap in one sock before beginning a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise degree at SIT here in Invercargill. It hurts knowing that RIGHT NOW I should be walking to EBC. But the short-term adventure had been sacrificed for a long-term gain. Anyway, as you can imagine, I am freakin' ITCHING to get out tramping! Tomorrow I'm strolling along Oreti Beach to Riverton -and back. But I want to go tramping with locals. I've done all solo tramping in the last year. I really want to have some laughs with others. So, are there any Southlanders keen to meet up for a stroll in the hills?
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Started by Kreig
On 3 June 2017
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