Myrtle rust carnage

  • ""Hundreds of officials across the country are scrambling to gather seeds of more than 30 native plant species now threatened by deadly fungal disease Myrtle Rust. Auckland Council and other regional authorities have been directed to go out and collect seed of important native myrtle trees, in a nationwide emergency seed-banking effort being led by the Department of Conservation (DoC). The rust, which poses a major threat to cherished native myrtle species like pohutukawa, manuka and rata, as well as well as feijoa and bottle brush, has been confirmed to have spread from the Kerikeri nursery where it was first found last week. Officials say it may now be impossible to contain the wind-blown scourge....""
  • I'm a little surprised there wasn't already some kind of seed bank for native species. Maybe there will be in future. Edit: a reread of the article and to be fair I see there's been one in the works for at least a few years.
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