Home dehydrating of tramping meals

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  • How I prepare dehydrated meals: dehydrate whatever I want (I don't do chicken). Separate into decent sized portions. Wrap each portion in aluminium foil. Vacuum seal the whole thing. I then stick all the meals in the freezer until I go bush. They last longer than I have ever needed them to; months. And in my pack they last weeks. Oh, before freezing them I write the date and what meal it is (can't see because it's wrapped in foil) on each one. I tend to do massive amounts in one weekend, rather than pissing around doing one trip at a time.
  • Anything I can buy dehydrated I buy - mince and rice (BC), peas and potatoe (suprmarket), mushrooms, tomatoes and onions (Davis Trading). One thing I haven't been able to find in the supermarket of late is dried cocnut milk but luckily still available in sachets in the local Davis Trading. I do dry other veges at home to give a better range of taste and texture on longer trips. Tend to do a big batch and store in the freezer until all used up.
  • I found coconut milk powder at Countdown the other day. It was 'Stir it Up' organic coconut milk powder which is packaged in NZ. Also one time I bought a big block of dried coconut powder from an Asian supermarket. It lasted a long time but I had to crumble it up for use. I always imagine that stuff is wierd and unhealthy - full of hydrogenated fats etc. but what the hell... I made a pancake mix for my weeklong trip to Stewart Island from various GF flours, a commercial self-raising GF flour and dehydrated egg white powder. It worked! I had nothing sweet to add so I used that Japanese kewpie doll mayo and bonito flakes. Absolutely delicious for 3 days of breakfast. Also I tried out the quinoa falafel mix and made 12 little patties. It is very nice and to my mind better than the chickpeas falafel mix as that stuff has too much fibre and can catch up with you. I flavoured it with home dehy tomatoes, a packet of soup mix and the liquor from the previous night's dehy mushrooms.
  • Dehidrator was my dream. I tried to use oven for this aim, my elder brother saw me suffering and dreaming and bought me a dehidrator. To say "I was happy" was to say nothing. But I haven't used it a single time since that.
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