Macpac Sample Sale tomorrow

  • Hey just a heads up to anyone in Christchurch the Macpac Sample Sale is on tomorrow (Friday) from 9-3pm. There will be plenty of packs, down, rainwear, merino, fleece, soft shell and kids. No sleeping bags and hardly any tents left as the staff had first dibs this afternoon. Pricing will be seriously cheap as we are moving all of our pre production samples, seconds and returns that have been repaired by our repairs team. There are dozens of canvas packs especially the old women's esprit 65 so if you know anyone looking for a bargain then send them along. Address is Mary Muller Drive, first building on the right (not the actual Macpac head office). Normally just for friends and family but I know how much you guys love your gear so wanted to spread the word. Hopefully I'll see you there.
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Started by Airway Spies
On 11 May 2017
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