Camping on the Kaweka tops

  • Hi all - does anyone know if there are any good camping spots on the Kaweka tops? Possibly around Kaweka J? The weather looks pretty good this weekend so looking at possibly camping up there as an alternative to staying in a hut. Cheers
  • It's pretty dry up there. Plenty of space to pitch a tent though. More importantly though that place is absolutely chocka block with fly in meathead hunter right now. I was in moawhango last weekend and the choppers just fly overhead constantly.
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  • The Black Birch Range might be a better option ?
  • @gaiters is spot on. I avoid the Kawekas during the roar, way too many idiots with guns around. Having said that, if you head north towards Kaweka North there's a little hanging valley off the eastern side of the main ridge with a tarn and a decent tent spot. Sheltered from the prevailing westerlies too.
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