DOC incidents and abuse

  • It looks like someone had oia'd DOC's incidents and abuse reports. There's some interesting reading in there.
  • Yeah. Well. Some times, in the parks -'It' happens.
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  • The stuff reporter who wrote the piece linked to above is geographically challenged. The Taipo River is in Westland District not Grey District. I assume she was unfamiliar with the area? This would have been something that was easy to check and get right.
  • For clarity do you mind if we split further discussion of the Taipo River thing into a different topic? I don't own the conversation more than anyone else, but as far as I can tell it has no relation to my original intent and subject, which was about DOC workplace incidents and abuse of DOC staff as presented in the original link.
  • Ah yeah sorry, I was in a hurry and thought it was the topic about incidents. Can't seem to be able to post again in that topic? This forum is very weird ^^
  • They had this article on the front page of the Chch Press newspaper. I couldn't believe they could put such non-news on the front page - like bread and circuses stuff, when there is so much going on that needs to be put there. Perhaps they thought Chch people could do with a bit of schadenfreude.
  • Really? The article itself is hardly front page material. I did find the referenced Threats and Intimidation document an interesting read, though, just to give a picture of the types of crap those staff sometimes have to cope with for doing their job. It seems odd that incident of the guy who sexually assaulted all the girls in Pinnacles Hut, and then tried to get into a sleeping bag with a 7 year old girl, was rated low risk. Maybe those ratings are meant to be specifically about risk to the DOC staff rather than the public.
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