Coast to Coast: Christchurch (Waikuku) to Hokitika

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  • Beautifully evocative writing. Intriguing who was the other half of 'we' if not LD?
  • @honora Guess I have an imaginary friend. Spirit of LD, maybe? Certainly lighter on dog-biscuits, and I get far more sleeping bag to myself that way. More accurately you'll have to assume it's you, the reader. A device to force myself to write in a style which brings you along on the journey, rather than telling you 'what I did at the weekend'. Try writing in the 1st person singular but just hate the result. Think I just dislike stories that read I,I,I and the people who tell them - find them jarring. Normally not an issue, as LD really is there. But not this time.
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  • What an excellent trip! Thanks for writing it up.
  • Then again, there is the phenomenon of the "imaginary friend" as experienced and discussed by Aat Vervoorn and also Shackleton and co. when they traversed South Georgia.
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  • Just back from a long winter working in the Canadian Arctic. While it was an exotic and interesting adventure, I missed my home a lot. NZ Tramper has really filled big gap during long hard days. Re-read your trip just now with the topomap open, tracking the route in detail. Love the way you stitch together these lovely routes. Inspiring and evocative mate. Thanks.
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