Outdoor clothing & microfiber marine pollution

  • Interesting artical for those of us who care but also quite like their fleece jumpers & wicking baselayers https://www.newsroom.co.nz/@environment/2017/03/16/13178/the-invisible-plastic-choking-our-oceans
  • Yeah I read that and I'm not surprised. It's partly why I've always preferred merino and down although I recognise outdoor clothing and gear as only a tiny fraction of the total problem.
  • Next step is biodegradable products. Im surprised they havnt already go this way considering the number of people still using gear 5 or more years old. Just think of the marketing campaign Gear that is designed to return to nature once its life is up (in small print every year you need to replace this, think of our profits)
  • The novel "Brave New World" had clothing that self-destructed for planned obselescence. I stopped buying pantyhose for this reason decades ago. My sister's first pair couldn't form ladders but the next pair...business as usual.
  • An Aldous Huxley fan nice.
  • Yep, I read quite a few of his books when I was a teenager.
  • Well! There's always naked tramping I suppose. Not quite sure what one would do for warmth.
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