Copland Track in mid-August

  • I'm heading to NZ in mid-August and we are keen to head up Copland Track to Welcome Flat Hut. I know that it would be better to do in summer, but with the winter weather it would be great to soak up the hot pools after the hike and stay the night at the hut. I know conditions can be variable, but what can we expect? What will the temperature be like overnight? There is heating at the hut but how good will it be?
  • You can expect (potentially) a crapload of rain. That means.... you're not getting to the hut/hotpools for days. Copland is really hit-and-miss in winter. Not impossible, but listen to locals regarding conditions on this one, at this time of the year. Good luck! :)
  • Thanks! Guess we'll just have to be flexible and check with the locals before we go.
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Started by taylorhiker
On 16 March 2017
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