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  • yeah i've read on an aussie forum the shop staff can be ignorant of their responsibilities and give people the brush off in some stores. i dealt with the webstore. some people post on their facebook group and get a more consistent response. they had a mare of a time with the event rainshells delaminating especially when it first came out, they had a bad batch and it sounds like they all delaminated and the staff would blame the public for not looking after it properly.... they have since stopped making event rainwear. by default it needs regular washing or it is more prone to delaminating.. and the quality control in the mills needs to be good, one of the mills werent doing their QC and shipped inadequate material to the clothing factories....
  • Is anyone here a member of the Consumers' institute? Strictly speaking you could take a retailer or manufacturer to court, but chances are many retailers bank on that being too much cost and effort for most to bother with. The Consumers' Institute has an advisory service, though, which helps members assert their legal rights to sort out problems like this. https://www.consumer.org.nz/purchase/here-to-help
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On 16 March 2017
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