Which Pack to Choose?

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  • Having owned a couple of Ospreys, I noticed no difference. The connecting points of lumbar and shoulders leaves a gap for ait floe. Besides, the way I sweat, no "air flow" design on a pack makes any noyiceable difference; when tramping, I am always drenched in sweat.
  • Glad you enjoy the Lightning as much as I do. It's my favourite pack by far. I actually took all the little compression ribbon off mine. I doesn't need it. It's such a simple pack with an amazing harness.
  • I like the ribbon/webbing on the pack. And that the lose straps neatly velcro to themselves. I HATE straps flapping around everywhere! I'll say it again; greatest pack - by far! - that I have ever owned.
  • I had a lovely pack for 65L which served me for years, but I always wanted to have a bigger one because I couldn't pack my mat in and had to tie it. Finally I've got the one for 80L but I just love my old one .
  • Why not just get a smaller mat. Snow foams and self inflaters were good but the blow up mats are lighter than self inflaters and far more comfortable than snow foam. Try 300 gram and 50mm thick.
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On 15 March 2017
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