Hiking around Nelson Lakes/St James Late April

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  • Lots of good advice there. OK, given that background, twilly, why not go up onto the Lewis tops? Lots of possibilities (always assuming decent weather). An out-and-back if the weather window is short. A partial loop from Lewis Pass, through Brass Monkey biv, and out via either Rough Ck track or Lucretia & Nina huts. Near 3-Tarns pass, there are a couple of tarns S and SE of Gloriana Peak that are worthwhile goals. Not simple topology, you'd need to concentrate on navigation. Or perhaps (from Lewis Pass) a traverse through Zampa to SH 1662, 1687, 1692, 1681 then drop down to Ada Pass Hut (+ side trip up to 3-Tarns?) and out via Cannibal Gorge Hut.
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On 12 March 2017
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