Putara kaitoke record

  • http://nztrailrun.com/walking-footsteps-giants/
  • Bloody good effort, Tim. Gear and food has certainly improved a lot since I gave it a nudge 30 years ago :-)
  • I believe Tim Sutton also has a sub 24 hour main range S-K and a 14 hour valleys S-K thus completing the S-K trifecta, along with setting some seriously impressive times.
  • its not as easy as some people might think, a lot of ankle twisting terrain to cover...
  • Who thinks it's easy? Hahaha. I never heard anyone say that.
  • Just thinking about it almost made a leg fall off. Certainly a great run
  • Wow ... just wow. Deeply impressive at every level, the more so when you know the terrain intimately. Congratulations.
  • i felt exhausted just reading it....
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