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  • Spam is always a bit of cat and mouse. Cat finds a new way to catch mouse so mouse finds new way to hide and cause maham.
  • Why do they do it when no one is interested in the posts?
  • Money I remember a case a few years ago in America where they prosecuted a spammer. From his own evidence 1 in 10000 emails got a response with an average spend of $40. He made 2 million dollars in 2 years. He only got 3 years jail time
  • Wow im in the wrong business anyone want their fortune told?
  • only if you can tell me how much I will pay you
  • square one
  • @Matthew - I'm guessing you've disabled hyperlinks in forums to discourage spam - fine idea, if so. But we seem to have lost all other formatting too - line breaks, new paragraphs ... Every post is coming up as one endless paragraph of text - hard to read. Is this deliberate?
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Started by Matthew
On 9 March 2017
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