Fiordland or Nepal??

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  • Hi Honora. Sorry, there's been some CRAZY stuff going on! I've only tried out the bivvy inside with the windows open so far. I plan on testing it properly in Nepal. I'll only be going for 5 weeks now instead of 9. As of July 10th, I'll be a full-time student at the Southern Institute of Technology in Invercargill. Studying a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise. With cross-credits I'll be finished by the end of 2019. Incidentally, I'll also be an NZ citizen by then too. :) Being down here and studying means that I can also get quite in involved with the NZAC, which will be great! Whilst I've enjoyed my care-free lifestyle for the past number of years, I'm actually looking forward to this period of stability. My weekends will be my own again. And given that I'm eligible for the Zero Fees scheme, I should be able to save enough over the Christmas periods to ensure that I will only have to work two or three nights a week to cover living expenses. A mix of academic study and hands-on skills, I'm really excited to begin this degree. And to think; this has all just happened in the last 6 days! Last Friday night I went to a Sharks basketball game. Sponsored by the Southern Institute of Technology (which I'd never heard of), bang tubes were handed out with Zero Fees Scheme printed on them. I called BS, so looked them up. Sure enough, zero tuition fees! Including for a few degrees, one of which really appealed. So on Monday I visited the head of the department and loved what he had to say. Went and saw him again yesterday. He said if I want I can start next semester instead of waiting until the new year, and given the cross-credits I'll get I'll be done in 2 1/2 years. So I submitted my application, and now just waiting for the official word; even though he's the one who approves it. :) As soon as I'm officially accepted, I'll change my return flight to coincide with the start of next semester. So 5 weeks in the Himalayas then straight into tertiary studies. Phew! I knew 2017 was going to be an epic year, but this is nuts! :D
  • @Kreig; I tried my bivvy bag out 2 nights in huts recently. Both nights, sleeping in my light bag with the bivvy bag I was cold. From then on, I slept out of the bivvy bag and was a lot warmer. Coincidence? My sleeping bag is thin and maybe the bivvy bag fabric was cold and transmitted this to the sleeping bag by direct contact. Hmm... All the best on your course, Kreig and on your trip too. I noticed the bag was really smelly with chemically fumes but was fine once it was aired.
  • nepal is better, i think
  • A long time ago I did 10 or 12 days in a snow cave on the Grand Plateau. (Too poor to stay in the hut at $10 a night) I had a sleeping bag with a waterproof/breathable coated fabric (entrant?), it worked quite well in those conditions. My mate had a gortex bivi bag. After a day or two his sleeping bag was building up moisture, he stayed dryer and warmer without the bivi bag. Maybe these breathable fabrics have got better in the last 30 years? Maybe not?
  • yes gore tex has improved its breathability over the years, but at the end of the day all waterproof fabrics, even if they do let moisture out, are a lot less breathable than non waterproof woven fabrics... NZ is the pits for waterproof fabrics, they dont work well in high humidity which is what most of NZ air is most of the time....
  • @Ian_H: That's interesting. Maybe the bivvy bag is good for a night or two. I've heard of people putting disposable nappies in the foot of the bivvy bag if it's lower than the head to soak up moisture but that would only be good for a night and heavy to carry out of course. I've had 6 or so single nights in my gore-tex bivvy bag in snow caves and sometimes on the snow, sleeping under the stars and not noticed condensation but then again, maybe I don't sweat much or it all stayed in the immense layers of clothing I was wearing inside the bag.
  • I have had to make a choice. Start studying this coming semester, or go to Nepal. Unfortunately, by choosing the study, I've lost $1300 on flights. Bites the big one, but hey, I'll get there eventually.... :/
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  • Just got back from Nepal. Mind blowingly awesome. That is all :-)
  • Nice stuff hutch hope you got all the way.
  • Yep, made it this time! Fantastic weather until Cho La pass, when it really packed in and I spent four days wandering around in heavy snow. Highly recommend getting off the EBC superhighway if time allows - by far my favourite part of the trek was over in the Gokyu valley. Diamox and "bistari bistari" took care of altitude issues. Unforgettable!
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