Fiordland or Nepal??

  • Thanks for that!! I've just sent a message. Looks like they're doing some really great work. I'd be over the moon to be able to spend time helping!
  • Well, no work for me for the month of May. So..... I have a month before I fly out to Nepal. The obvious first choice is Dusky. Provided the weather isn't too horrendous, that's the plan. Then from there, not sure. Aoraki area, Heaphy, Tararuas. Who knows? But one month to do two things: 1. Tramp as much as possible. 2. Spend as little money as possible! :D
  • Life of Riley man.
  • Ordered my Alpkit bivvy from the UK that someone on here recommended. It's arrived. Trying it out tonight (caveat: I'm using it inside, window open, no other heating source). I got the XL. Fits my Klymit Insulated Static V mattress, my Kelty -16 degree driDown sleeping bag, and me. Interesting getting into it, as there's no zippers at all. But I'm feeling VERY toasty! (Maybe because I'm in a winter sleeping bag.....). Taking this sleep system to Nepal. No getting cold for me! PS. I'll try it out properly (outside) soon. Curious to see how it handles things when exposed to the elements.
  • I ordered one of those too but it hasn't arrived yet. Glad to hear yours has.
  • Really? Is that when you ordered it way back? Get onto them ASAP; mine arrived from the UK within 3 days!
  • OK, will do. Cheers, Kreig.
  • I've been in Kathmandu since the end of March and have 5 weeks to go doing voluntary aid work. Come say hi :)
  • Perfect. I arrive 29th May.
  • @Kreig: The bivvy bag arrived OK. Frank had forgotten that the P O Box had a card in it, informing me it had arrived. Have you tried yours out?
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