MSR Tent for Sale - Carbon Reflex 2

  • I am selling my MSR Carbon Reflex 2 because I am not using it enough and the MSR tent collection I have is just getting bigger all the time :-) here are the details: - 2016 model (purchased in Oct 2016). - basically brand new, I have pitched it only twice (once for testing after buying and once during an overnight tramp). - this is arguably the lightest yet spacious tent out there right now. it only weights 990 g all in and packs down incredibly small - it is rated a 2 person tent and it fits 2 persons but I can also recommend it for single use (means more space for gear inside). - MSR ground sheet is available too - retails for 999 NZD - i am willing to let it go for 750 NZD I won't list all the details (too long), you can easily get these off the MSR website when you google for MSR Carbon Reflex 2.
  • Hi Alex, Very interested in this tent. Are you still selling? Skye
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Started by alex55
On 29 January 2017
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