Heaphy car swap Chch based

  • Hi I am keen to run the Heaphy in late Jan to Feb and want to find someone willing to swap cars at either end. I am Christchurch based and flexible around dates.
  • Hi I am still intending to run the Heaphy this year and would like to find someone who wants to either walk or run it in the other direction. I would like to get up there from Christchurch in either November or December.
  • It's on my list to walk... maybe as soon as the bike season is over but before it gets too busy. I was thinking of getting flown there or back but car swap could possibly work. I am based in Motueka.
  • I am keen to do Heaphy too (tramping not running). Would be wanting to do it from Nelson end as we have a family bach south of Karamea, so could take your car to Nelson end and swap keys when we cross? Have planned leave for work over Xmas/NY period but can fit into Feb if that's still preferred?
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Started by David K
On 21 January 2017
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