Insoles for sole pain

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  • Finally convinced my new Lowa Camino boots to stop butchering my heels (had to resort to Engo Patches, which work great, as none of my other tricks worked), only to find that the soles (balls and heels) of my feet are getting very sore after just an hour of hiking. I tried some running insoles, which eased the hell pain a bit but took none of the sting off the balls. I trailrun and can hike all day in my old boots, so I don't have soft feet. Anyone know of a suitable insole for this problem?
  • Standing on concrete in gumboots all day, I got the Lightfeet gel insole from Frontrunner. Gel would be the way to go rather than foam. Rebel Sport has a different range. Foot ball pain can be about weight distribution. Wouldn't go orthotics if your other footwear is okay. Probably just an unfriendly shape of your Camino insoles ?.
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  • Thanks for the advice. An unfriendly shape to the camino insoles? So just rip em out n start again?
  • If your other footwear is good, then it's those boots ?. If it's a removable insole, take it out and put to one side.
  • The best thing i ever did for my feet was to buy scholl inserts for arch support. Put these in my Lowa Catalans and haven't looked back. Long days tramping on river beds and hill sidling etc my feet have no pain...can't say that for the rest of my body unfortunately. The Lowa is a great boot and the best light weight boot i have owned, albeit i had to replace the insert.
  • Have you more info on which type you went fot?
  • Have you any more info on which type you went for?
  • The inner sole brand is Sidas Technologies, they were bought for me and i had thought they were Scholl So its Sidas Technologies and type is 3D Support/Conformabale. Hope that helps you. Not sure where they came from but i will certainly be buying a new pair when they wear out.
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  • I tried the gel innersoles a few years back. Not because of foot pain but as an experiment after the previous inner soles fell to bits. The gel ones were comfortable enough but had a short life. They were good until I started doing a lot of creek and river work and then the attached bits came off and the main sole started dissintegrating.
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  • I had real trouble with foot pain in my Meindl boots but then I got the budget Warehouse insoles - they seem to be a dense foam material with cotton tops. They cost about $20 a pair and last for months. Underneath that I pack half an insole from a running shoe (ie: the bit from the foot arch to the toe) which gives extra cushioning to the balls of my feet. This makes a massive difference for long days in the Tararuas.
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