Hut Bagging Rules- a dilemma

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  • you have to do a full flush instead of a half flush??
  • Agree that hut bagging is a great motivator for exploring places. Frank and I have a list of mountains to climb that have got us to some obscure (to us) places as well.
  • I bag everything it keeps me motivated. Huts, peaks, rivers, birds, plants what ever is needed to keep getting out there. I'm most addicted to red lines. The new red pen lines that go on the topo map when I get home, that's what I'm into.
  • @Gaiters Bagged all the plane wrecks in the Tarry's yet? I think I've gotten 6, but someone said there were about 13 or more. But yes, there is way more than huts you can make goals out of. I always need some excuse to motivate me out of the house.
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  • Nah PhilipW, haven't got that bug yet though I know the late Tony Gates was right into it. But you get my point. Whatever gets you out there searching over the next hill, is all good.
  • @Gaiters Amen to that. I didn't even think there were rules about these things! Just figured it was each to their own when it came to bagging huts/peaks/whatever.
  • "Darken the door" is my guide, can't just look down from the ridge and see Ballard 200m below and say near enough is close enough. Never considered counting huts until relatively recently we were always more concerned with forging new routes for the "black line" map. I have always kept a diary too so have a good record of which huts I have been to and when. It is now an invaluable source of info for routes and times.
  • darken the door might not be the idea when you arrive in darkness
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