Dobson - Hopkins via Sth Reticence Col

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  • Cheers for that @zoneblue. I had a good play with this when I set routeguides up and the three easy-to-hit gotchas I found with the openlayers drawing feature are: 1) Accidentally double clicking part-way though your line (or whilst scrolling the map to the start of your line). This results in the line being terminated at the double click and a new line started. Routeguides only considered the first line drawn so the continuation is lost. 2) Finishing your line successfully, but then clicking again on the map before you've saved, which starts a new line (which is discarded on save). 3) Clicking on the pencil to enable drawing a second time after you've saved your line. This takes you back into drawing mode and removes the original line from the map. This is deliberate as it allows you to correct / redo erroneous drawings. However, so long as you don't draw anything new the original line is retained, so just click the tick without drawing (or hit escape to cancel drawing if you've started) and the original line will be retained. I've added a cancel button, which should help with (3). I've updated the code to avoid confusion caused by (1) and (2) above. Double clicking to end a line now automatically saves it and take you out of drawing mode. However, this doesn't address the route-cause which is that it is far too easy to double click by mistake. The double-click sensitivity is not something configurable in openlayers and something I sadly have to live with. Not sure if any of the above were the issue you located but the fix should help someone at least. Matt
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  • I'm glad I found this. Great information! I plan to do almost exactly the same and have a few questions on times. Road to Reardon via Jamieson Saddle looks to be around 8 hrs? Any one with experience with Bush stream to Waterfall Hut to Kennedy memorial Hut (via 2323/2133)? Kennedy memorial Hut to Dodger hut looks to be around 10 hrs? We're relatively fast trampers, but don't have many days, so trying not to cut these into segments and camp on the tops.
  • My route description is here for Jamieson. Road to reardon took 6.5 hrs - my times. Guestimate of 13 hrs DOC signpost times. Kennedy to the Hopkins took me about 5 hrs. Both passes are serious steep ascents with good navigation required through bluffy sections. Great fun if you like that sort of challenge. Assume you know what you're signing up for!
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  • I've seen your photos - you look a little younger, fitter, braver and faster than us - so I'll multiply your number by 1.25! Thanks for the reply. I think you went over Brodrick pass, but we're wanting to come back over that - so am looking at Elcho pass, Chloe col or Fraser col. What do you think about any of those options?
  • We did a double crossing of the Ben Ohau range from Freds Stream 21 years ago. I've put a jpg. of the route on this site and here's a description of the trip. "Dayle was unanimously voted to sleep on the floor". That line still cracks me up.
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  • Every year when planning my annual tramp, Honora always has good info :) Thanks again! I think we'll take the Jamieson Saddle route to Waterfall Hut, even though it looks about 2 hrs longer just because the view from the head of the Dobson valley must be spectacular. Unfortunately we can't start until 2pm, so we most likely won't get into the hut until 10-11 pm. I'm hoping the last 2-3 km is able to be down with headlamps.
  • @biship: I'm sure the last 2-3km in the dark will be fine.
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