DexShell waterproof socks

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  • waterproof boots don't stay waterproof, if you are river crossing then you'll end up with swimming pools in your boots that won't drain.. Ive always wondered about puncturing new boots?????
  • Interestingly I was talking to a designer for Acteryx over the xmas holiday (you would love his employment contract but thats another story, he gets 5 months holiday in New Zealand every year after 7 months working) He told me they make a gortex sock but it is only sold to the military. They wanted to make it commercial but it would of been in direct compitition to the gortex boot liners they already sell. He has some lovely gear hes made for himself but not commercially viable due to limited market or manufacturing complications.
  • Tried out a pair of dexshel waterproof socks. They worked. Had to do 5-6 river crossing and they stayed dry each day. The top of the socks combined with neoprene putties work. Wandered across the Tongariro crossing the other day and they were pretty good comfort wise in the dry too. Problem is my waterproof boots that are past it fill up with water. These boots are fairly old and are not waterproof now but the water stays in them so have to take off to empty out. Will probably drill some holes in the instep to hopefully get the water to pump out. Question is what boot has any body used that works best with these socks. I want to buy new waterproof boots for hunting that doesn't involve river/stream crossings. But do not want to drill holes in them. Just need a pair to use when plodding through water. The neoprene gaiters help seal the top of the sock which is well above top of your boot. The water eventually gets into your boots. You can whip across a creek pretty quickly and not get much if any water in your boots but if wading for a period water gets in. What I am after is a pair of boots reasonably good for hunting in etc. They don,t have to be waterproof would like them to drain/pump out like the boots fisherman wear. Those boots have drainage holes but a not on for hunting in. I can whack some holes in the ones I have now as I am getting new boots but would like to get some that would work for me. Any ideas?.
  • Thanks for the info. Can't help you much with the boots, but I prefer something with mesh panelling. You can see the water squelch out with each step. Leather buckets are not so good. Even if you stop to empty them, they hold whatever comes out of your socks further on. My experience with putting a hole on the underside of the boot was that they immediately let in at the first muddy puddle. I wouldn't recommend it, unless I've missed a trick ?.
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