powdered alcohol

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  • 11% alcohol? That better be after mixing with water ... though I suspect it's not.
  • Best post tramp beer? Bealey pub after the 3 passes....my god,literally poured multiple pints of Speights down my throat for hours. Best on tramp drink? Top forks hut with a wine bladder watching avalanches tumble off Mt pollux. That's what I'm talking about...
  • Oh,btw the top forks session was with 2 Canadians doing an adventure consultants trek over rabbit pass.great afternoon. Having a lad like kreig around would have been good banter too!
  • Cheers Geoff. I have to say; no matter who I go tramping with, there's almost always great yarns to be shared, laughs to be had, and often weird randomness to be experienced. :D
  • My little luxury,apart from energy-imparting chocolate(almost qualifies as a medicine),is a 300ml plastic of Port;a tot each over two or three nights & bobs your uncle.
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On 11 May 2015
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