New Zealands longest swingbridges

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  • The Edgar Suspension Bridge on the Arrow River Trail is 80 m long. OK, I give up on inserting an image link...
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  • It was a long time ago but there was an old style NZFS three wire over the Ngaruroro near a classic six bunk hut called Ngaawaparua which earned a place in my memory. Two of us were doing a really nice August traverse of the Kaimanawa/Kawekas; we'd stayed at Harkness Hut the night before and had a pleasant days's tramp down the side stream to the hut above. We arrived early enough that we debated keeping on going, crossing the bridge and climbing up onto the tops to get a head start. Laziness however prevailed. What we didn't count on was that in the overnight frost the spray from the river gorge below froze onto the wires of the bridge. Of course now we rather regretted our early stop the afternoon before, not only were the wires solid ice, but rather loose and with no side netting. I can't recall how long was, but it sure was a drop onto the rocks below. The grovel over this flopsie bunny can only be described as desperate. I can't claim it to be the biggest bridge I ever encountered, but it sure rated as the scariest.
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  • pretty sure there's still a 2 wire near Hamilton Hut on the Cass/Lagoon trip.Truckloads of 3-wires between the Pyke & Martins Bay,one is very high & I had to lead the way in case I bottled out.Maggie stopped half way & rolled a smoke just to rub it in!Good night Irene if you fell off.
  • Icy 3 wire. Sounds like fun. I think I would be looking to ford the river
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