Round the Mountain Track (Ruapehu)

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  • Awesome, thanks for all the information
  • What you should be taking anyway is an offline topomap on your phone. Install Backcountry Navigator, download the Ruapehu area, and you can't get lost.
  • Thanks for your opinion. I think it's pretty bad form to advise someone to use their phone as a navigational tool, I prefer real maps.
  • phones are highly falable to water and damage and running out of power... its a problem today that a lot of trampers don't use maps and compasses or even know how to use them. theres the whole dumbing down process of using technology, that people are treating as a complete solution to navigation. the news is full of people who were relying on their phone in the bush and it failed and they had no backup form of navigation
  • waynowski, really? Nonsense. IP67/IP68 phones are pretty cheap, and you would be carrying a battery charger anyway. The old school method of what to do when are lost: 1. find out where you are on the map. Right there and then an utter fail. I won't deny map and compass can be useful, but it's way harder then people think it is, and using a map on your phone is a nice stepping stone.
  • never rely completely on electronics for navigation... they arent fullproof for the reasons i mentioned above, when they stop working you need to understand how to use a map and compass. a lot of people dont think beyond relying on their electronics, its also an issue with beacons, people have beacons and dont bother with alteratives such as making sure someone is briefed on your trip intentions incase the beacon doesnt work.
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  • Due to some minor surgery everything has been delayed, I'll update this thread again when I'm ready to go, probably not until January.
  • I have just done the RTM in 4 days , clockwise, about 28.5 hours walking time. My biggest day was Rangipo to Mangaturuturu in 9.5 hours and I got a ride up the road. Then to Whakapapa about 9 hours. I was getting pretty tired by then. I met 4 parties/individuals going the other way in 3 days. Whakapapa to Mangaturuturu 7.5 hours, to Rangipo 9.5 hours and I'm guessing to Whakapapa 9 hours. They were about half my age, maybe less, all but one were T. A. walkers. It is spectacular country, particularly the drier side. Next time I will do it in 5 days.
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