'Goblin forest' - Kamahi / Patea or Dawson Falls

  • Hello, As a photographer I'm trying to find the most photogenic 'goblin forest' area around Mt Taranaki, my research so far is confusing and it seems that some people may be interchanging names for where they are at? I may not have time to do more than one or two tracks, so where would I find the most photogenic 'goblin forest' on the Kamahi loop and the Patea tracks or on the Dawson Falls Track? Thanks
  • Hi Mike , the "goblin forest" is pretty much the same sort of mossy knarled trees around the eastern and south side of the mountain at that altitude. I think you would be happy photographing anywhere from the Dawsons falls road end up to wilkies pools and /or the Pembroke road tracks starting from the Mountain House. All the best, its very nice but in no way unique in NZ by the way.
  • This term "goblin forest" as pointed out above is more attributable to the type of stunted mossy trees that grow at a certain altitude in many parts of NZ - ie: there many patches of this in the Tararuas for example.
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