Kayaking and tramping together

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  • Hi guys. I was wondering if you are aware of a mixture of two great activities in one. I met a guy that was saying to me that he goes hunting in Victoria and use his kayak to approach a mountain range and then hike for a couple days and coming back again with his kayak. Do you know where you can do this sort of activity in NZ ? I thought that sound great approaching mountains by kayak and then tramping around...the union of these two activities sounds very adventurous to me... Any thoughts ?
  • packrafting
  • "Do you know where you can do this sort of activity in NZ ?" I think there is a commercial packrafting operator in Fiordland or somewhere down that way.
  • http://www.packrafting.org.nz/
  • Wellington tramping and mountaineering club did a course on this about a month ago. Members paid to try out the gear. Recommend you go to their webpage and make some enquiries. Megan would be the person you want to talk to. This sounds like a fantastic idea but cost and weight would be major considerations for me personally.
  • thanks a lot for the suggestion..looks really interesting.
  • I actually find this interesting article on THE GUARDIAN. https://www.theguardian.com/travel/2016/jan/15/new-zealand-packrafting-kayaking-holiday
  • Combining a sea kayak and tramping can get you to some interesting places. Some examples of trips I've done that way: Stewart Island, kayak down the eastern side to Port Pegasus, day trip up onto the top of the Tin Range/Mt Allen. Explore Doubtful Sound by Kayak, tramp up the Camelot River. Vancouver Island, Launch kayaks from Gold River, go north around the Brookes Peninsula then back down the coast to Tofino, water taxi to the head of the fiord inland from Ahousat, tramp back through the mountains to pick up the car at Gold River. All relatively long and committed trips Still on the to do list: Sea kayak across any of the western fiords of Lake Te Anau and walk over to the coastal fiords and back. Just make sure you carry your kayak well above high water and tie it to a tree really well before you start walking, if it blew or washed away, you'd be in for a hell of a walk home!
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  • Not mountain tramping particularly but a few suggestions. On the North Island both Lake Tarawera and Lake Waikaremoana offer good opportunities for combining Kayaking and Tramping. For the former avoid Xmas/NY period and public hol w/ends but should be fine otherwise, attractions are Hot Water Bay, tramping on Tarawera trail and the even better but short trail to Tarawera Falls (the river goes underground and comes out from the middle of cliffs in big waterfall. With a kayak, and a trolley for it a must do is the short portage across to Lake Rotamahana and the steaming cliffs. A circuit of Lake W, allows you to pick and choose some tramping on the trail itself. On South Island Lake Manapouri offers chance to fit in tramping on Kepler or more remote areas on the other flanks. Busier areas would be Charlotte Sounds or Abel Tasman, the latter particularly crowded in summer on water and land.
  • In Auckland you have the Te Aro Moana: https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/parks-recreation/get-outdoors/Pages/te-aro-moana.aspx
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