SH73 into Cass Saddle Hut and back again

  • Me and a mate are planning to head into Cass Saddle Hut from SH73 Saturday and return Sunday. The forecast isn't fantastic, but I've read elsewhere that that area is far enough from the divide proper that the weather might be quite a bit better. We're planning to reassess when we get there. But what do other think about the wisdom of this? BTW: Can you start this track from the end of Grasmere Rd?
  • You will need to assess the weather yourself from various sources and make a call. Ie: including metservice & the rain radar on metvuw. The weather patterns can vary wildly around the main range area for sure.
  • Unfortunately you can’t start the track from the end of Grasmere Road (you will see the signs telling you this as you drive past). Could always consider lagoon saddle hut or A Frame if the weather is average, will likely be windy on the tops but at least you aren’t walking up a river bed in the rain from that end.
  • I don't remember the stretch from SH73 up the river to adjacent Grasmere taking very long (in fact, I left the car in Cass as I suspected it would be safer there). What I DO remember is that when we stopped there for lunch, that hut was crawling with rats, inside and out.
  • Thanks everyone for your replies. Very helpful.
  • That area has a lot less rain than closer to the main divide. The next valley east, Castle Hill basin has a microclimate where I was told, it only rains 60 days a year.
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