John Muir Trail Yosemite National Park Califorina

  • I am hoping to do the John Muir Trail next season and was wondering if anyone had advice on how to book onto the trail etc
  • "Fax application to 209.372.0739, up to 2 days (170 days) prior to lottery date* · Once received & entered into database, confirmation of receipt is sent via email · Application is entered into daily lottery for each date selected w/in date range · Lottery results announced via email daily · If denied, application rolls to next days’ lottery until expired · Visitor notified when date range expires / May reapply *Applications will be processed via random lottery 24 weeks (168 days) in advance of entry date, but faxes may be submitted up to two days prior (170 days in advanced). For example, if the first day to reserve your chosen entry date is on Wednesday, you may fax your reservation form anytime Monday or Tuesday." someone i know applied. he said if you fax the office out of office hours then they threw the faxes away, they only accepted ones that came in when the office was open so you needed to try and fax them right when the office opened until you got through... he said it took seven weeks of trying daily to get accepted, submitting his application repeatedly , not sure if its because the line was usually engaged or because they expire the application rollover period quickly there's nowhere near the permits available for the people wanting to go ring them and talk to them to find out the exact details...
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  • Hi, many thanks for info
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Started by nparminter
On 10 October 2018
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