Tourist hiker lost his life in Tongariro Crossing

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  • I should say as well that today we got an instrument that help us almost in everything which is internet. Every time before I go to a new country I always check and read as much as I can about cultures,people and environment..having a look to the well done website of the DOC is one of the "must"for instance. In a mountains environment everyone should know that weather can change quite quickly in NZ or likewise in the Dolomites and should always have a jumper and rain coat with you plus some food even for a day hike...
  • once a walk becomes known outside of the tramping community all bets are off, tourists dont know how to do due diligence... how hard can it be if 100,000 people do it a year the bus shuttle companies not running wheen the weather is bad has saveed numerous peoples from adverse incidents and makes it look a lot safer than it is, theres a lot of days the shuttles dont run, the unguided ones dont run at all over summer and i dont think they have started this spring yet
  • There's a "rahui" at the moment. Don't know how many that will put off, but it does give a short window for conditions to possibly improve. I agree with Berend, and it's been mentioned before, more publicity on deaths might throw on some brakes on those that are just mob followers ?. At least cast a shadow on "Clean - Green - Jump off the plane and do it all in runners in sunshine".
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  • On reflection I have to agree with the Police and SAR on this; frustrating and irritating as all hell that this sort of entirely predictable death should happen. At the same time there is no sensible way to wrap people is so much cotton wool that we take all the risk out of their lives. The mountains draw us in to test and recreate us. Just as we are free to answer that call, some of us will also pay a price we were not expecting. There is no avoiding this.
  • Chinese tourist saved from Mt Ruapehu with help of bilingual cop and flight path
  • So, they couldn't get a fix on her from cellphone usage ?.
  • @PhilipW, disagree in this case: The TAC has been marketed to the wrong people. This gets marketed to people who have never done anything like this in their life. Survivable in summer, something they should never do in any other season.
  • the crossing is advertised on tourism sites and in backpackers to general tourists... they often just book a shuttle without doing their homework..
  • We have got to stop with the tourism bashing and generalisations. Firstly a human has lost a life. Do you know how many people do that crossing and have a safe and enjoyable experience, foreign and national? It's an inherently risky activity. There are physical and environmental risks that can be out of our control. This is part of the joy of doing these activities as well as enjoying the natural beauty, the comrades of others and the sense of achievement. There will be unfortunate times where people are injured or killed. We can't just say he was an ignorant tourist good riddance that's absolutely nuts and shows no compassion.
  • there would be a lot more getting into trouble if the shuttle services werent all agreeing to only run in reasonable weather.... no offence to tourists but a lot of them dont realist the dangers, they think its just another hill walk because so many others do it, turn up in street clothes,,,
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