September 2018 updates: Profile pages and more

  • Kia ora koutou, Profile pages are redesigned. Check your own out or check mine out here: @Matthew . If you see one that is not looking too flash, let me know. We recently had an incident of a user signing up and spoofing another member's name by embedding backspace characters in the name. This is no longer possible and the accounts have been deleted. Many many bugfixes have been deployed. :beetle: Forum reactions have had a little attention. I am still thinking about how much value these add. However, I know I often want to respond to a post without necessarily adding another one-word post! I am working on a few more bugs at the moment. Cheers, Matthew
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  • Thanks Matthew - fyi : there is no date sort on a profile's photo page.
  • Kia ora koutou, Just to note that blocking users is now functional again. If you block a user... - You don't see forum threads they start - You don't see their posts to forums - They can't mail you - You can't mail them I will be adding a page soon so that you can see who you have blocked (but not who has blocked you).
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Started by Matthew
On 12 September 2018
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