The 'floating' backpack

  • Found this on CNN. Looks very wrong to me.
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  • > Rome says his creation can cut the risk of spinal injury Hmm, yeah, that's the kind of injury I worry about when carrying a pack...
  • Great idea Give that man a DB (or a Tui) I wonder how it performs when you slip off the track and grab a flax on the way past down the hill. In that situation I think I would want my pack to stay put on my back not slop around all over the place changing my ballence
  • That noise would drive me up the wall. The military would need a silent version
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  • meh... might be cool. People thought Aarn was mad for years, and some still do :)
  • Hmm after seeing the vid I reckon this looks great. In 20 years or so I will definitely be needing this, otherwise my shattered joints wont handle normal packs. Hopefully this type of thing will be readily available by then.....
  • ""A “floating” backpack may make hiking a tad easier on your back. The HoverGlide is a backpack that bounces up and down as you walk with the help of a sliding rail and pulley suspension system. Although it may look silly, research claims the design can reduce impact forces up to 86 percent, and make heavy loads almost 20 percent easier to carry, according to New Atlas. The backpack’s straps attach to a frame that sits on your back. While the backpack is mounted to the frame, it is also suspended by bungee cords on a pulley system. This allows the backpack to ride up and down as you move. This system works when the bungee backpack bounces out of step with the user’s stride, allowing the backpack to hover at the same height as the user walks. This means the person wearing the backpack is not expending extra energy to move it up and down as they walk. Although the HoverGlide is heavier than most backpacks from the spring-loaded hover mechanism, the reduction of impact on the joints and extra endurance makes the extra weight worthwhile.""
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