Garmin route (gpx?) for Tararuas - Waitewaewae

  • Hi all. I have just taken ownership of a shiny new Garmin eTrex 10 and was wondering if anyone can point me to a site where I can download existing routes for this device. I don't mind putting in the mahi to create these myself but I am also a strong advocate for not reinventing the wheel if necessary. That and I plan to head off to Waitewaewae tomorrow arvo so this could save time/stress/hassle. most appreciated. =) PS: sorry if this topic has already been mentioned in forum..I did search first with no results.
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  • This site is great.: Not sure if there will be a gpx route plotted for this route tho as its marked as a track on maps - you may be in luck and it could be there.
  • Thx si-dog. Will check out for sure. Found doc map little misleading (old track no go unfortunately as massive slip) walk in heavy going but walk out sweet. Thanks for reply :)
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