Te Araroa South To North - Jan ~ April

  • Hi everyone, I'm planning my assault on the Te Araroa starting early January. Yes I'm aware I should probably start earlier but some other commitments make that not possible. I don't want to be obsessed with having to race against the south island weather so I'm planning on doing it South to North. I know that it's primarily a north to south route and I'm happy doing the reverse, however I'm wondering what are the chances of meeting other northbound hikers is? I have no challenge being on my own but of course would like to spend at least a few days with other people. Does anyone know any particular challenges with heading south to north and am I likely to see other hikers?
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  • if you're on facebook, you can talk to TA walkers doing it this year here. https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=te%20araroa%202018-19 I don't think there are many TA walkers here, most of them are from overseas and a fair percentage of NZers actively avoid it when its busy
  • Chances are pretty high that you will cross other walkers going the other way and that you will spend nites in huts with other walkers going either way - if the huts align up as a place to stay in both directions that is.
  • Hi Jen, I did some tramping in the nelson lakes for 2 weeks last feb/march and funnily enough all the TA walkers I met were going South to north and because of that and their varying speeds and tramping style etc all knew each other. A bunch of them met up for a long planned all you can eat pizza night at a hostel in st arnaud.
  • TA will be a veritable human freeway with heaps of people going both ways. I strongly doubt you will have any night to yourself, even in the most 'remote' places. I, for one, will not be amongst the throng.
  • it might be quiet to start with, but once you get into the central and northern south island you should be passing a lot of SOBO's
  • Thanks for the feedback guys. Much appreciated.
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