Is North Mangahao Biv the hardest Tararua hut?

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  • Is this biv the hardest one to get to? I used a description on the net to get down to the place with the deer antlers. All good there. The track was cut as per this description - followed the track to pt 686 and straight along the ridge, to then drop down - a very good track. From there there was a marked track (pink tape) that took me too far SW from the location where Nth Mangahao is (incorrectly marked) on the topo. So instead I went up the creek that runs up towards the ridge where the biv is (to top of the creek is at approx at E1819500 N5508500). Of course, once I hit the completely impenetrable scrub, I gave up. The ample lashings of bush lawyer in the scrub also made continuing not a great option. Has anyone done this route recently and has a good idea of how to access this hut, that they could share? I was considering the more palatable option also of finding out who the landowners are on the Kopkopiko Rd side and trying to negotiate access with them.
  • Yours is exactly the situation I faced two years ago when I tried to reach it.
  • Yes its a mongrel isnt it. That scrub is insane. I cant believe how quickly I was running out of time trying to get to it!
  • Yeah that one going to be last on the list I reckon. It's only a day hike there and back, if that . But she a bloody needle in a haystack of scrub trying to find it first time.
  • I went there once, many years ago on a school trip (1996). My memory of the trip is vague but I know we went in from Kopikopiko road, up the river and then up a tracked spur to the biv. It wasn't an official track but well marked with pink tape. I don't remember any difficulties and it must have been pretty easy as it was a school tramp. That would be the way to go if you can get the access.
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  • I vaguely recall an HVTC day trip in there; we got close enough to see the roof of the bivvy, but time was against us and the last few hundred metres of thick scrub down into the gully looked uninviting. Time conspires against me remembering any useful route details however.
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  • Its interesting as my club (WTMC) is doing an official trip thee soon - taking the conventional route across PCL to get there. Unless they know something I dont - I will be avoiding that trip. I did hear that someone in the club has gone there and found it "straightforward" - as she also did it from the Kopikopiko road end. That route requires permission to cross farmland. Good to hear the route is also marked on that side Philip - I often bump into HVTC members Tararua Huts! I've found out who the landowners are and I will contact them direct to see if I can sort access. I'm definitely in no hurry to get back to this part of the range though!
  • My main thing Si dog is that is an ugly part of a beautiful range. And along way from my hutt valley home. But if you could pm me the landowners details kopiko end I'd go and knock it off in a day just to tick the box.
  • Yup - will do Gaiters
  • @gaiters, Rather eloquently put "an ugly part of a beautiful range". This link has a name and phone number for access from about 6-7 years ago.
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