Death at Mt Aspiring Park

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  • I took crampons for the tussock sidle around the head of Pine Creek between Snowy Saddle and Lochnagar Hut but the plastic boots were sufficient in the end.
  • Not forgetting that most "journalists" are 15-year-old muppets working in a fairly muppety industry. More than once I've read about a climber dying on "Mount Aspiring" when they actually came to grief on Cascade Saddle. Not that most of their readers would know the difference anyway. Apparently there is an ODT article that is a bit more accurate.
  • theres a centralisation of resources going on in the media, and in the digital age, reporters are more likely to have to be jacks of all trades in what subjects they report on. and are under a heavy workload, they skim read a bit of information, ,throw it together then move on to the next article. i read in australia there were issues of photos being posted by news agencies of an area that were from a completely different region and that the selecting of photos could actually be done back in the philipines by people who rely on the tags on the photos, anything too generic in geographic tagging and its easy to put completely the wrong photo up. you've got mergers going on with news agencies in australia. regional newspaper staff being axed , local knowledge going out the window. so the ODT you might get more accuracy if the journo is bassed in otago and they have a resource in central otago reporting on stories like this but if they are relying on journalists a lot further north esp auckland where some of them wouldnt know nz geography south of the bombays outside the road to their favourite beach and skifield.... their chance of getting things correct can become hit and miss. i had to ring the police to arrange for the medical evacuation of someone off Mt Taranaki,,, so the young dispatcher said he'd put me through to the Palmerston North police station.. missed the correct police station there by 200km....
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  • ODT is owned by Allied Press. Not part of the Stuff/Fairfax swamp.
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