Divide to Mckellar Saddle

  • Have the upper Caples hunting block Mid September and was wondering how long the walk would be from the Divide carpark to the saddle. I'm guessing about 3 hrs,does this sound about right? Cheers
  • as long as you're reasonably fit
  • Yup, 3 hours. 1 hour to Howden hut, +1h to Greenstone/Caples track junction, + 45-60min to the saddle.
  • Yarmoss thank you that was exactly how I had broken it down too
  • No worries. Out of interest, where exactly does the upper Caples hunting block cover? Is it this? https://www.doc.govt.nz/Documents/parks-and-recreation/hunting/otago/ot-rec-huntingmaps-upper-caples-rha.pdf
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  • Yes that is it ,and it's open hunting all way from the divide to the saddle.
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