Mt Ruapehu Plane crash site

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  • Hi there, I am looking at doing a mission on Mt Ruapehu. I would like to traverse to the 1940's plane crash site and then up to the summit. Does anyone know the GPS co-ordinates for the site? I can't find them anywhere online although I have seen the map of the site in the past. Thanks
  • The wreckage will be laying under a few feet of snow this time of year, surely?
  • Do you know the GPS co-ordinates?
  • No, lets not give out information like that so that people flock to the location because the coordinates go viral.... this is how the best places get ruined by publishing information like that, how quiet locations that few people visit get ruined, and souvenier hunters come and take what they can from the wreck...
  • Agreed. Maybe just keep it to a private message.
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  • The location is remote and hard to get to - even with a GPS, very much doubt it will go 'viral' or people will 'flock' to its location considering its location - unless everyone has suddenly turned into an alpinist. Also the fact that it's scrap metal now - its a navigation point for part of a wider route not a viewing platform. Also I assumed this was a tramping forum to share route information as part of a supposed outdoors community. If you don't know or you are unwilling to share info - don't comment. No need to have a say on everything. Seems simple enough. To other members of this forum: if you know the route I am on about. Please get in touch. I know I’ve seen the route info in the past.
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  • actually EVERYONE has a right to comment on this forum being a forum thats the way it function it sets a bad precedent to start dishing out coordinates of sites like aircraft crash sites or private huts , there are protocols and etiquette that trampers tend to follow whether you like it or not. as matthew the admin has told you, he doesnt want the information posted on this forum which he is the sole creator of, without him there would be no forum.
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  • How well known is this plane wreck? How many people here could put their hand on the yes key and say I know where it is without having to reveal it? That will tell us if this wreck is already publicly known in which case why not publisise it or if its a relative secret in which case it should stay that way. I didnt even know there was a wreck
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  • no one is denying the OP the information he wants.. as mentioned all thats needed is to send him a message, he has the information, and he can be happy he can get what he wants, we dont need to broadcast the information on the internet
  • Yes everyone has a right to comment on the internet - but it doesn't necessarily mean you have to comment Waynowski. Sometimes it's best not to say anything - especially if you aren't able to provide anything that is helpful. Maybe stick to the topic, and if you don't know- that's fine. Just move on to another topic that you are able to discuss - how's that for basic etiquette. I'm not here to argue with a keyboard warrior. I'm here to find out information about a route that I actually want to do. This is a tramping forum and as its on the internet it's publicly owned - open to everyone as it is the internet. Don't think you have any right to dictate how I go about getting information on a route I want to do from people that are in the outdoors community. ONCE AGAIN if anyone can assist with RUAPEHU ROUTE that bypasses the 1940's crash site please send me a message.
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