What's your excuse?

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  • I did a lovely 3 day circuit in Arthurs Pass National Park, visiting the Poulter Hut, Lake Minchin which was very pretty and the newly refurbished Minchin Biv - thanks to Roger Wood, Colin Moore and Liz Weir. It was lovely and warm during our lunch stop with snow on the ground outside.
  • Went to my 15 year post graduation university reunion in Wellington, took the 1yo and 4yo and stayed with my sister/brother in law, visited Te papa with the kids, went to Avalon playground (excellent!), sat up with a sick kid with croup in the middle of the night, visited the Avalon playground again, got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport and had to check in 7 bags (four oversize) on my own with two kids while hubby returned the hire car, then up seven times the next night with kid #2's croup! I'm sure I could have fitted a tramp in there too somewhere ;-)
  • I took my almost two year old to Te papa last week and he absolutely crapped himself in the Gallipoli exhibit. He really thought they were giant humans. That Avalon park gets super crowded .
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Forum The campfire
Started by Ian_H
On 3 June 2018
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