foreigners pay double on southern great walks

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  • @FrankB - It's not supposed to be fair and equitable. The want to price match demand, encourage tourists to want to do other than the heavily subscribed walks, while giving Kiwis a chance (preference) in getting to those places.
  • And what that means, if it works, is more upgrades, price hikes & booking systems on the next tier of tracks. Greenstone-Caples, Rees-Dart, Powell-Jumbo ... what next? We can try and guess, but whichever it is it'll be another area of undeveloped backcountry upgraded & uppriced.
  • As said earlier, I support a border levy and increased money from central government. The split pricing makes foreigners feel picked on as they don’t consider the tax contribution Kiwis make to the maintenance. In my opinion it is likely to result in commando camping and trampers moving to other location. This is precisely why I think split pricing is not going to work - it will move the issue and force infrastructure investments elsewhere to keep up with demand, rather than increasing overall income for maintenance and protection of our back country.
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On 2 June 2018
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