anyone else having trouble viewing this forum ?

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  • Hey everybody, You may have noticed a few outages recently. I am addressing this by migrating the website onto Linux cloud hosting. This will result in a scalable environment that costs a lot less, Currently I subsidise the site by about $1-2000 per year, but on new hosting I expect to get it in the bkack. This work is top priority, but will take a bit of time due to the amount of code change needed — also migrating off proprietary ColdFusion app software. I expect to land it in 1-3 weeks. Due to my limited time and the priority of this work, I haven’t really had time for anything else, including reading the forum. Comments about problems are welcome but if I don’t see them, mail me. I would love to have more time to work on the site, but it will be a challenge until both my tamariki sleep through the night! Matthew
  • Hey Matthew. So, will there be downtime on the transition ?. Cheers !.
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Forum The campfire
Started by geeves
On 29 May 2018
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